Friday, August 20, 2010

In the Great Big Blue.

Without a doubt, the best part of sailing is when an overhead page comes announcing some type of sealife around the ship. Everyone then runs (sorry, walks quickly, there is no running onboard....) to decks 7 or 8 to try and catch a glimpse.

Up until yesterday - our 5th day of sailing - there had been no overhead pages about whales or dolphins, though some had been spotted on the first day. But yesterday, a whale was announced on the port side. Samuel and I had just left our cabin to go up to deck 6 anyway, so we hurried up to get to deck 7 and joined the masses. Unfortunately, nothing appeared, and people started wandering away. It wasn't until there were only about a dozen people outside when all of a sudden, what we thought were whales (but on closer inspection of the pictures it has been identified as probably a Risso's Dolphin) started jumping out of the water. There were several of them and it was very neat to see!!

Thanks, Shelly, for the awesome pictures!


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